Green Screen vs Blue Screen

Green Screen Vs Blue Screen - Bravo Studios - NY

Wait, why blue or green and not, like red?

To truly understand the reason why green screen and blue screen are the most popular choices for video production or photo shoots that require chroma keying, we first need to know how chroma keying works. 

In order to chroma key, a keying software like Keylight or Primatte is used. It allows you to select a desired color range, brightness, and then you’re able to subtract the part of the image from the video or photo frame in the editing application. After all this, you’re able to layer a new background clip on the deleted parts of the image or video.

Now, why just blue or green? 

Well, human skin tones don’t naturally have any blue or green in them. It does have red and orange though. Blue and green are also on the opposite end of the color spectrum from red and orange. Green screen or blue screen are used most often because it will cause the least amount of interference in the keying process when a person is on screen.

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Consider this!

When deciding between green or blue screen, you should really consider what color the foreground objects, costumes, props, etc. are. For instance, if your talent has blue in their costume. Then it is vital that you use a green screen, NOT blue screen. Why? In post production, when things are being keyed out, everything in a select color range, let’s say blue, will be removed. That means the blue background AND the talent’s blue shirt will be removed. 

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Why choose Green Screen?

Why should you use green screen? Green is the cleanest color to process without losing luminance with today’s modern digital cameras. Which means, it will give you the cleanest key with the least amount of noise. It also usually requires a more simple lighting set up. Green is also a great choice for “daytime” background compositing. It blends better in daytime footage. 

Here are a few tips on how to have a successful Green Screen Production.

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Why choose Blue Screen?

Blue screen is more ideal for replacing nighttime backgrounds or conditions. Blue will also result in less color spill than green screen. This will make color correction against a blue screen much cleaner in post. However, blue screen set ups will require 2x as much light as green screen. Blue is also a very common clothing option as oppose to green.

It’s vital to consider the color of your stage for your next chroma key video production or photoshoot to create the smoothest production and post production process. Bravo Studios has experience In both green screen and blue screen productions. Have any questions? Email us at