Green Screen Studio Rental NYC

Our 3 Studios for Green Screen & WHITE cyc soundstage Rental in NYC

If you’re searching for green screen studio rental in NYC, search no further. At Bravo Media, we’re equipped with some of the highest-quality green screen rentals in the city (and one of the most talented teams, as well).

Our 2 Manhattan locations feature a total of 3 studios between them. Both locations are conveniently located in the center of Chelsea, just blocks from each other. If you’re taking the MTA, an easy ride on the 1 train and/or the NR will put you a short walk away from both.

Our West 27th Street location contains separate white cyc and chroma key green studios, while our West 28th Street location features a single dual white cyc and chroma green studio. And, of course, we can always meet you on location (if that’s what’s needed for the job).

Let’s take a closer look at our unique spaces.

Studios A and B: White Cyc Studio and Chroma Key Green Studio (West 27th Street)

At our 40 West 27th Street location, you have a choice between a chroma key green studio or a white cyc studio.

Anything you need, we have it. Whether it’s lighting equipment, a second camera, or a boom mic, our experienced team will have it for you in no time. We also take great strides to make the experience as seamless as possible, thanks to our world-class facilities and helpful staff.

Studio 28th Street: Dual Studio - White Cyc and Chroma Key Green (West 28th Street)

Our second location is at 145 West 28th Street. It offers options for both the white cyc and chroma green screens in the same studio. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, the versatility of our West 28th Street Studio is unparalleled.

Much like our West 27th street location, we strive to offer the best in green screen studio rental in NYC.

Our West 28th Street Stage was newly constructed in 2012. It offers a clean, open space, big enough to fulfill almost any vision. We’ve also allowed for projection mapping throughout, giving you even more freedom for your spatial augmented reality.

Our West 28th Street Studio is a great facility for high-end, private jobs that require an exceptional facility and boutique service.

Or we can meet you on location

If you need green screen studio rental in NYC at a specialty location (or just can’t be bothered to come down to one of our studios), we’re happy to come to you. We have the mobility to bring our equipment and teams to meet you, anywhere you want across the city and beyond.

Reach out to us and schedule a shoot at one of our studios. Let’s create something spectacular together.