5 Amazing Green Screen Productions

Green screen productions are one of the most sought out productions because it can literally transform or transport a subject to anywhere or anything. The limit is only in what your imagination can conjure. Today, let’s talk about how green screen productions have been used in the past. Bravo will list some of our favorites from movies to apps.

green screen movie production example - avengers

1.     Avengers Movie

CGI or computer generated imagery have stepped up their game. What normal viewers would see as action packed realism would in fact be CGI composites. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.


best green screen use for commercial - kfc

2.     KFC Commercial

In this funny play on “green screen,” this KFC Pot Pie TV Commercial actually places the magic of green screen on the forefront revealing who “Mrs.Claus” and what the space around him actually looks like. We literally laughed out loud.

Best TV use of Green Screen - Game of thrones

3.     Game Of Thrones Show

We can all agree that Game Of Thrones has changed television forever. In this fantasy far past world, dragons and magic rule the lands. Of course, green screen and CGI were needed to create this show AND they did a phenomenal job.

Elf Yourself app - best use of green screen or blue screen

 4.     Elf Yourself App

So how do we combine holiday, dancing, human-elves, and an elaborate animated set up into one interactive app? A huge “blue” screen production, of course. We would know…Elf Yourself was actually produced at Bravo Studios!


Halo 4 trailer - use of green screen

5.     Halo 4 Trailer

Halo 4t’s trailer took 2.5 days of live shooting but four WEEKS of post-production. And rightfully so! In this space-bound visual masterpiece, the Master Chief shot was filmed against green screen and relied on letters on the green screen to know exactly where part of the screen was located.