27th Street - Studio A

$1,750/10 hr day- SOUND PROOF

  • 35'x35' studio

  • Pre-lit cyc wall

  • Make-up room

  • Client area

  • Craft services kitchen

  • Stage manager

  • Wifi

Studio A is perfect for any green screen photo or video production. It is always freshly painted and touched up before any client steps foot inside. Clients also love Studio A for the option of having a private room which comes with a viewing window into the green screen studio. 

Studio A is located in Bravo’s 27th Street location. It is a 35’ x 35’ green screen studio. It is completely soundproof, climate controlled, pre-lit cyc wall, and has 600AMP of distributed power. Included in the rental is a lighting package, a private make-up room, a private client area, and a craft services kitchen equipped with a full size fridge and sink. Each studio rental will also have a Bravo-certified stage manager who will be able to appropriately assist you on the day(s) of your shoot(s).