How to Make a Call Sheet

how to make a call sheet

Whether it’s a video or a still production, a commercial or editorial production, there will always be one very important document that will be shared prior to the shoot -- a call sheet. A call sheet is a document that will show the who, what, where, the schedule, etc. for each production day. Although every single shoot requires different needs thus requiring different information on a call sheet, we will breakdown the most common ones below. This is a great template by Studio Binder for review.

Call Sheet Template



  1. Production Logo

  2. Production Date (and “Day X of Y” if applicable)

  3. Highest ranking people (Producer) with contact information

  4. Nearest hospital to set

  5. Parking information

  6. Weather

  7. Food Breaks

  8. Earliest Call Time

Shot Schedule


  1. Breakdown of scenes

  2. Scene breakdown may include talent, location, page # of script, day or night shot, etc.

  3. Lunch breaks

  4. Load in and out

  5. Company moves

Call Times


  1. Crew

  2. Client

  3. Actors or Talents


  1. Each production day requires a new call sheet with updated information on times, locations, crew, cast, and schedule.

  2. Call sheets should be catered specifically for different receivers -- cast, crew, client, etc., especially since information like contact numbers/emails are listed and perhaps, confidential locations are of concern.

  3. Send a call sheet around 2 days to 24 hours before the production date.

  4. Cast members should always be called half an hour to an hour after crew is called

  5. Factor in a few minutes of breakfast if it’s an early call time.

Here are several templates we approve: