Green Screen vs White Cyc


So you have a production in mind. Videos or stills, you have to pick the right studio for the production. First you have to answer — Green Screen or White Cyc? Now what is the difference between a White Cyc (Cyclorama) Studio and a Green Screen Stage?


A White Cyclorama is a fully white curved wall used as a background of a stage or studio set to suggest unlimited space. This is the perfect choice when you need a fully white background. No seamless required. A white cyclorama is also the perfect option for when many different background and elaborate art direction is needed. Think of a white cyc as the ideal neutral background ready to be used however your imagination guides it.


A Green Screen is used for ‘Chromakey’ production. Chromakey is the process of shooting against green screen to then remove that screen color with special software, and adding in a different background. Why green? Digital sensors, unlike film, are highly sensitive to the color green and human skin tones contain no green, preventing any background interference. (Tip: Don’t put your talent in green apparel!)

New York Green Screen has two locations with multiple options for your green screen and white cyclorama needs. Visit “Studio” page to see all our options.