What is a Stage Manager?

what is a stage manager for a green screen stage rental nyc

So, you just booked the stage rental for your production. YAY -- one of the most crucial parts of your post-production is over! Upon arriving, you are greeted by the Stage Manager. Interesting. What is a stage manager? What is the most effective way to rely on your stage manager? What are the most common questions that stage managers receive? We have all of those answers for you --

First off, a stage manager is included in every Bravo Studios’ stage rental. A stage manager is your go-to personnel for all inquiries related to the space. S/he is available during the entire duration of your production in the rental space. We asked our most experienced stage manager -- Alan Mohammed (@momo_nyc) -- to answer some of the most common questions.


The most common questions are naturally about the space. At Bravo Studios, Alan would get questions on locating equipment, how to operate the lighting equipment, and how to operate the climate control. Other relevant space questions include locating the freight elevator, knowing the freight hours of operation, and inquiring about the most common set-up for craft and lunch.


Another common question is local recommendations for coffee and food. This is a great question to ask, especially if the production team is from out-of-state/country or is new to the area. Stage managers know their area and are familiar with what’s delicious, quick, and reliable. For the best food spots near Bravo, we’ve also listed our top choices in this blog post. Maybe after a long day on set, you are looking for a spot for a drink? They’ll know those, too!

Additional Information

Alan also mentioned that he often gets questions about how long Bravo Studios have been in business, OT rates, touching up the floor, leaving gear overnight, pickup and delivery of gear, outsourcing extra gear and more. Stage managers get all kinds of questions and they welcome them all. Afterall, they are there to help make your production go as smoothly as possible.