Full-service production house with three sound stages.

Bravo is a one-stop destination for professional video production in NYC. From initial recordings to editing and post-production, our staff and facilities are here to help your shoot go right. Whether you’re coming into one of our two Chelsea studios, or we’re meeting you on location, we’re committed to giving you an experience that goes above and beyond.


A full-feature shop, we provide crews, equipment, lighting and space in an organized and professional environment. We specialize in client-focused shoots. What does that entail? Unlike other production companies, which often make clients feel like they’re tagging along or getting in the way, we try to enhance our clients’ experience by providing comfortable spaces for downtime, conference rooms, and wifi. We prioritize our client’s comfort because we believe their input is vital to making the video they want. This commitment has made us the the go-to company for video production in NYC and has allowed us to expand our crewing solutions worldwide.


Clients can choose to shoot on one of our three soundstages or have our crews work on location. Located on 27th and 28th streets in the heart of Chelsea, our two soundstage locations are central and easy to access by car or MTA. Our studio rentals all come with a supporting grip and electric package to help you get the most out of your time in the space.


If you’re shooting on location, Bravo still has a lot to offer. We can supply equipment, operators, and technicians to meet any project’s needs and budget. From a single camera to a whole team with grip, sound, and electric, we make it our business to be where you need us, on time and ready to roll.


Our post-production team can handle a wide range of tasks, including film editing, motion graphics, custom animations and color correction. When you come to Bravo with your project, you’re connected to experts who can move your project forward at every step. Our start-to-finish approach ensures that your project is always in good hands, even if you run into unexpected trouble.


We pride ourselves on being straightforward in our business. That’s a big part of why people come to us and not some guy with a camera and a loft space. It’s not uncommon for less principled production companies to try to pad out their invoices with surprise charges. These charges can often push an otherwise affordable project into the red, and are a nasty surprise at the end of an otherwise smooth shoot. As a full-service production company, that’s not how we operate. We never charge hidden fees for electricity or trash removal.


Whatever your project is, choosing the right production company can make the difference between a day of shooting that pays off and one that doesn’t. At Bravo, we have the expertise, facilities, and equipment to make your shoot go right, and the stand-up business practices to match. Come by and see what makes us the easy choice for video production in NYC.