SoundSTAge rental

At Bravo, we believe in providing facilities that go beyond “good enough.” When you shoot at either of our Chelsea studios, you get access to a world-class space designed to help your shoot go off without a hitch. Whether you’re shooting on a green screen, a white cyc, or you need access to both, Bravo has you covered. Our commitment to making great spaces is just one of the reasons we’re the most trusted soundstage rental in NYC.


It all starts with sound, or rather, the lack thereof.

No actor, camera, or post-production can keep noise pollution from wrecking otherwise usable footage. Why go to the trouble of shooting professionally if you can’t keep unwanted audio out of your recording? All of Bravo’s studio spaces are completely soundproof, so when you say “quiet on the set” it gets, well, quiet.


We operate two studio locations, just blocks away from each other in Manhattan.

At our West 27th St location, clients can choose to rent either a white cyc studio space or a chroma key green studio. At our West 28th St location, clients can rent a single studio equipped with both screen colors. Both studios reflect the commitment to efficiency and quality that has driven our success as a soundstage rental in NYC.

But aren’t all soundstages basically the same? As long as you can fit a camera and an actor in front of a screen, what more do you need?

While we’re committed to providing the best visual and audio environment to film in, we recognize that behind-the-scenes spaces have a huge impact on the final product as well. In a city where space is at a premium, those spaces aren’t always considered important. At our locations, though, those spaces are a major asset.


When clients rent our studios, they also get access to clean, well-maintained makeup and holding rooms, craft services kitchens, and areas for clients to relax in.

This helps reduce clutter and crowding in the studio itself. Plus, having a room to sit down and decompress in can help take the edge off of a long day of shooting, something you can’t count on at just any soundstage rental in NYC. At Bravo, we believe in doing everything we can to make our clients’ work successful, and that includes putting these spaces at their disposal.


Each of our studios is outfitted with a custom-selected grip, lighting, and electric package designed to complement the size and shape of the space.

Clients can hire members of our talented and experienced crew by the day to help make the most of their studio time. We maintain an extensive library of high-quality gear for rental as well. Whether it’s another camera, a second boom mic, a teleprompter, or a monitor, we’ve got it in back, so you’ll never have to work around a piece of missing equipment.


Schedule your next shoot at one of our pristine studios to see why we lead the pack for soundstage rental in NYC.